Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Grow Up America

I read recently about some blacks boycotting an awards program because there were not enough blacks represented. Of course this is supported by our former President's “go – to – black leader”, Al Sharpton.

This is simply crap. The blacks I have had the opportunity and pleasure to work with are educated, sharp individuals whose ability to get a job done is equal to, or excels, anyone.  In addition I have had the opportunity and pleasure of working with a large number of Hispanics, Vietnamese, Chinese, and other races of whom I have never heard a request for a special allocation of slots or positions simply because of their race.

Many large corporations and education organizations have held positions open for blacks. For what reasons were these positions held open for blacks only? Many pseudo-educated liberals are of the opinion the reason positions or slots are held open for blacks is because black's background and education make them unable to compete with other races. This is just BS!

Now, when a black who has worked his or her butt off to become educated and knowledgeable in order to fill a responsible position must, down deep in their core being, always wonder if they got the position because they were the best candidate, or because of their skin color. How really awful for that individual to be aware that their position they had worked so hard for might have been granted only by fiat.

Then, we elect a President of The USA for two reasons. He is black and can give a great speech prepared by others. By electing a black, we think we have reversed racism. In doing so, we adequately demonstrate to the world that collectively, we are the biggest racist in the world. We elected a man who was unqualified as he never had any experience in managing anything, never made a payroll, had no foreign business experience, never served in the military, never negotiated a treaty or contract, never served as a state Governor, never was in a position to delegate authority, never ran a business or a large governmental agency, had to seal his college records which made his education suspect, and surround himself with people whom he was told by his handlers to put in his 'support' positions. But, he was black, and we assuaged our collective guilt!

Consequently, his foreign peers make fun of both him and his electorate, his party openly supports him - until his back is turned. He couldn't pass any of his program when his party controlled both Houses of Congress.  He is reduced to inadvertently playing the lead role on the world's stage in “The Emperor's New Clothes”. In order to ease the pain of knowing that he doesn't know, being unable to make decisions based on his core beliefs, has to answer to his white foreign handlers, he lashes out at America  through his Executive Orders. When his pain is too great, he immerses himself in his golf game where he can personally win, based on his own real skill.

Friends, this is a prime example of what happens when we try to help people by promoting or placing them in positions where they are far over their heads in deep water without a life preserver. It is beyond time to pull the plug on basing society on race, and just choose people based on the best available candidate.

I wonder if those movie actors who desired special allocation, ever thought they might not have been selected because they were not the best in their craft that year.  As they weren't judged the best, they had to fall back on blatant racism by demanding a certain number of positions remain open for their race.

We must get to the level in society as we have in sports. In sports we can easily see that there are no positions held open for any race. If you weigh over 250 and run the hundred in less than 10 seconds, you probably will be able to play somewhere. (Houston QB for instance? Win, lose or draw, no one cares what color your skin, particularly if you could lead a winning team in Houston!)